In Syzran open line for the production of concrete blocks

In a small Syzran event occurred, significant for all the great Russian. Or, rather, for its railways.

She joined the line for the production of concrete blocks (polushpalok) for the construction of brand new tracks — with reduced vibration and allowing the composition to develop a speed of 280 km / h.

Production units by Swiss technology LVT — a completely new thing. In Europe, America, Southeast Asia, only a thousand miles w / d paths laid in this way. Ballast is no longer needed — concrete polushpalki rubber-cushioned fit without it, and then just filled with concrete.

The new line was installed in the shops Syzransky Reinforced Concrete Plant and Structural component, part of the "Russian Railways Story", a subsidiary of Russian Railways.
And already determined the specific location where the new products will be used in Syzran Russia. This Olympic Sochi! All railways in tunnels there will be built using the most modern technology.

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