In Syzran opened manufacture of seats for the Lada-Granta

November 17 Syzran (Samara region). Based GC "Krista" opening the cages of modern production line for the seats of the new models of VAZ Lada-Granta.


Joint venture, "TPV Rus", the owners of which are the «TPV Group» of Slovenia and the GC "Krista", will be releasing a seat assembly for Lada-Granta. Syzran on site will be made seat frame components, performed their welding and painting. Then, on the second floor under the Company Togliatti will be complete assembly seats and subsequent delivery to the "AvtoVAZ". Seats from LLC "TPV RUS" turned three times lighter than the set now, "Kalina". It is planned that the plant will produce up to 300,000 units per year.


The uniqueness of the event is that, having received the nomination of "AvtoVAZ" on the production of such a serious auto components like seat assembly for LADA Granta, The group "Krista" in just one year has found a foreign partner (and it was imperative nominations), has purchased and installed modern welding and painting equipment, has developed a draft of a new product and launched it into production.

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