In Syzran (Samara region). Earned MRI


September 20 at the Central City Hospital Syzran the official opening of the MRI scanner. MRI unit itself is worth 52 million rubles, another 3 million were sent to repair the room for him.

Tomograph has worked for four days, seeing patients in the test mode. In the new technique will work wife Tatyana and Igor BOGUSLAVSKAYA of Mezhdurechensk. At the opening ceremony of the MRI family BOGUSLAVSKAYA received a certificate for a one-bedroom apartment in a new building on the street of Astrakhan.

Deputy Minister of Health, Samara region, took part in the opening of the MRI, said the decision to create in 2014-2015 on the basis of BTF Syzran dialysis center. While the artificial kidney machines will be replaced by more modern. In early August of "Syzran" transferred BTF Syzran 3 million for the purchase of one unit of the artificial kidney, which would bring the number to five.

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