In Taganrog first installed LED traffic lights

The first in Taganrog ultrathin LED traffic light with a countdown has appeared on the Nicholas highway Nyus61.RU reported in the city hall.

The initiator of the installation of modern traffic light on a busy thoroughfare company acted "Lemax" to pay the associated costs. In the future, the traffic light will be given to the balance of the city, according to Department for Economic Development Administration of Taganrog.

Flat light is made in the dust-gray waterproof housing of of ABS plastic enclosed in an aluminum frame, providing double insulation and protection from getting dangerous to human life stress on the body 220 sets of traffic lights, as well as protecting the electronics from contact with high voltage to ground traffic. 

The front of the traffic light is made of transparent polycarbonate without the use of anti-reflective lens scatters obscure the information on the traffic lights in direct sunlight. The use of aluminum and polycarbonate increases the longevity of the device at the same time reducing the overall weight of the traffic by 30%, allowing you to install it, not only on the racks, as well as on remote rods and braces.

New automatic adjuster movement, in which instead of the commonly used incandescent lamps, LEDs are used much more economical. The use of energy-efficient LED traffic lights can significantly (up to 6 times) to reduce power consumption compared to existing analogues, respectively, and reduce operating costs for maintenance of traffic lights. The average power consumption per section is 15 watts. Traffic light has a voltage supply for LEDs, eliminating the failure of the LEDs in the throws of the supply voltage, increasing the durability and reliability of the traffic as a whole. 

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