In Taganrog hemodialysis center opens

In Taganrog outpatient dialysis center opened, designed for patients with chronic renal failure. Its placed on the base of the city hospital number 1. Saving procedure for purifying the blood of toxins Prince out here with the apparatus "artificial kidney".

The dialysis center is designed to help tens of eight patients. Now here there are already more than 30 residents who previously had to travel three times a week in a medical institution like the south of the capital. People with chronic renal failure, the kidneys work or not their function is minimal. Without the help of doctors and modern medtehnology in such cases simply can not do. Therefore, the procedure of hemodialysis is their saving. And despite the terrible diagnosis allows almost complete zhizn.Kabinety center equipped with modern equipment only European class that makes a stay here of patients not only useful, but also comfortable. For them, this is especially important, because each hemodialysis session takes three to four hours.

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