In Talmensky district of the Altai Territory opened pig farm for 330 thousand pigs

August 24 Talmensky’s opening ceremony, LLC "Altaymyasoprom" — the modern livestock complex, involving a closed production cycle.

Ltd. "Altaymyasoprom" launched two sites in item and item of Middle Lushnikova. From imported from Germany and Ireland took after the animals have more than 29 thousand pigs. In the development of complex invested 6.6 billion rubles. Until the end of the year, the company will create 300 new jobs, and the full capacity will provide jobs for 1.5 million people.

In general, the production structure of a complex under construction will include the breeding farm for 1,170 sows to the station artificial insemination of 108 boars, three loudspeaker on the 5040 goals each three feedlot complex at 100,000 one-time head of content. Slaughterhouse for 1,200 heads per day, the production of meat processing up to 100 tons per day. In addition, it is suggested cooking their own food for the animals at the feed mill capacity of 27 tons per hour with an elevator for 80 thousand tons of storage.

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