In Tambov began to build a sports complex

In the park "Friendship" in Tambov began construction of a sports complex, which includes a ski area, tennis court, volleyball court and jogging track, worth 142.5 million rubles, "Interfax" on Thursday, the regional department of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism .

In this case, 110 million rubles for the construction allocated from the federal budget, the remaining funds — from the regional treasury.

"Cross-country ski track and the track will be almost the entire length of the existing fleet — told the government. — Place them on the site plan of the existing footpaths, not to cut down trees. Also, they are to be asphalted and arrange coverage of the summer to be used as a road roller" .
Sports center in the park "Friendship" will operate year round, the source said.

Complete construction is planned for the first quarter of 2014, by this time have to build an office building, lighted roller trail 5 km long and 3 km and 1.5 km, — sawdust track and 4 treadmills (110 m), beach volleyball (18h36 m) and a tennis court (20×40 m).

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