In Tambov completed the construction of radial housing Oncology Center

Construction of radial casing is made possible thanks to the participation of the region in the national program "Prevention and control of socially significant diseases". In total, its implementation in the Tambov region has been spent over 715 million rubles. Moreover, almost half of the money was allocated from the regional budget. 

Housing construction beam (September 2011). 

Most of the funds went to the purchase and installation of modern medical equipment. This CT scanner, the machine hyperthermia and linear accelerator. The equipment is connected and ready for use. Medical care here will have in the near future. 

One year later, in the Tambov region will center PET and computed tomography (PET) — the latest diagnostic method based on the use of radiopharmaceuticals, which allows you to build a three-dimensional reconstruction of functional processes in the body.  

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