In Tambov opened children’s university

No entrance exams, no results of USE and absolutely free of charge. In Tambov, a new university study period in which only three years. Prerequisites — curiosity and the young age of students: it can enter the first grade only.

Alina Boltneva though goes to the first class, but the student. And most of this University. And although it’s called childish, here all grown-up, except that the scholarship does not pay. "Lectures" reading specialists regional museum. However, "specialty", in which students are taught only one small — local history. First-graders talk about the history of Tambov, customs and traditions of ancient peoples who once inhabited it, the nature of his native land and the appearance of the fortress of Tambov.

Alina Boltneva, a student of one "B" grade school № 12 of Tambov: "The prints of ancient animals have shown us, the nose of the ancient fish — like a sawfish. They make some different stuffed animals, which are now, and before that there were. Beads are strung here. In Mordovians there were two kinds of beads — glass and stone. This glass beads. "

Children’s University — is purely Tambov innovation. Analogs of the institution concerned, which reveals the secrets of history students, from the Stone Age to modern times, the country is also not met. Classes are held on the basis of the collections of the museum funds. Mold from plasticine dinosaur draw clothes worn by our ancestors, to make ornaments women mordvy — Alina prepares homework with their parents, who also attend the university.

Anastasia Boltneva, Alina’s mother: "Classes extraordinarily interesting, they only last for one hour, but this hour you can learn so many new and interesting things that my daughter every time look forward to when these same place our classes."

Dedication to the students — a real ceremony. Everything as it should be — mantle konfederatka, swearing and even a good study student ID. And an exhibition of works made by students. Older students can only envy the kids — playing in the children’s university held once a month. But unlike many of his senior colleagues, children absorb knowledge like a sponge and do not skip a pair of — well, if only for a good reason.

Marina Sidorova, Head of Science and Education Division of the regional museum: "When one is late, the whole class shouted to him:" What have you done! What you missed! Today we saw a mammoth teeth, and you did not see! "

Yet what would be the envy adult students — this period of training: only three years, and then in parallel with the school — it turns out quite a saving of time. So, to paraphrase a famous saying, we can say that the study, and even more so in the university’s never too early.

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