In Tatarstan, build a family farm village for growing chicks

43 family farms are engaged in breeding of broiler chickens in Almetevskom area of the country. Several dozen families will live in the farm village in the district of the republic Almetevskom. The settlement project "Renaissance Village" is built with the aim of growing broiler chickens.   A significant part of the funds invested Almetyevsk known businessman Vasily Ipatyev and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tajikistan, reported IA "Tatar-inform". Construction is scheduled for completion in two years. To date, ready to work 4 family farms. Entrepreneurs to move to a permanent place of residence in the village will have to go through the competition. For each family farm in Italy purchased technological equipment for growing broiler chickens. The annual gross volume of poultry production to 3.2 million head. The complex will include farming village of fodder plant (producing its own food) and shop for bird slaughter. "- The website of the" Arguments and Facts "in Article

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