In Tatarstan earned residence Shoo Babai

In the Republic of Tatarstan name is Santa Claus Shoo Babai, Tatar language that translates as "winter grandfather." Kar Kyzy ("Snow Girl") — his daughter. 

The residence of the fairy tale characters located in the Museum of the Tatar poet G. Tukai. It is located in the village of Jan Kyrlai Arsky district, 80 km from Kazan.


Until January 9, residence hospitably open to boys and girls, on the passport and in my heart … Mastermind behind the interactive program was Julia Talanov, Director travel company "Travel has, Endvok." It takes place in the museum for the fourth year. The plans — build a separate residence for the Tatar Shoo Babai. 

On the eve of New Year and Christmas holidays have happened exciting New Year’s trip to the residence Shoo Babai and Kar Kyzy.

Along the way, we expect the mass of adventure — fairy tales, riddles, games, miracles …

And, mind you, on a 25-degree frost, willy-nilly, jumped up and started running …

Shoo Babai met us at the entrance to the museum and spent a bedchamber, where there are fabulous whisperers.

We are not lazy and whispered real estate needs. Because Santa Claus, no matter whether it is called Shoo Baban, Santa Claus, Chiskhaanom or otherwise, loves everyone without exception. And you think of. All will come true!

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