In Tatarstan, Nizhnekamsk district opened two high-tech family farms

December 27 villages in Upper Key and Bulgarians Nizhnekamsk district opened two high-tech family farms.

Residents of the Upper Keys Alexander Kudryashov with his wife Albina 3 months built a modern family farm for fattening cattle for 30 cows. During the year they plan to sell about 10 quintals of meat.

The second farmer — a resident of the village of Bulgarians Ashat Akhmetvaliev — in a short time built a modern hi-tech family farm on 24 head, set the Italian-Russian milking equipment. In his farm for 11 months of this year produced 1,400 quintals of milk, 157 centners of meat. Cash receipts for the 11 months amounted to about 3 million rubles.

In addition to livestock farmers engaged in both still and agriculture. Arable land peasant farming Alexander Kudryashov is about 100 hectares. On the area of 90 acres, he grows wheat, while the remaining 10 acres occupied by permanent crops for animal feed. Arable land Ashata Ahmetvalieva in peasant farm is 91 hectares, which are occupied by annual and perennial crops for animal feed.


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