In Tatarstan, opened a factory for recycling of tires

In Tatarstan, the opening of the plant for waste tires — a resident of the first industrial site at the municipal level Tyulyachinsky district.

The plant will solve the environmental problem of waste tires, as well as create new jobs. Despite the small size of the plant, 960 square meters, its designed capacity is 18 tons per day, of which, in consequence, it turns out 11.7 tons of crumb rubber of different sizes. 

The factory was built in just six weeks. Also, the plans to build a plant for the manufacture of finished products from the crumb rubber.

Municipal industrial site "Tyulyachi" was established in July 2012, and to date, a territory of 5 hectares of land. The site is available in 50-minute drive from the city of Kazan — flanked by two roads, providing convenient logistics for all of its residents. At this point, a tire recycling plant is the first of 11 planned industrial area residents’ Tyulyachi. " In the future, the district administration plans to allocate an additional 20 hectares to the existing 5-hectare industrial site. Now, the construction of a plant for the production of corrugated board — the second resident PPMU "Tyulyachi."

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