In Tatarstan opens factory of automotive electronics

AAC-GROUP, supplying electronics to Russian automakers such as AvtoVAZ, TagAz, GAZ, UAZ, RoAZ and other companies, opens in Chistopol (Tatarstan), the new plant.

AAC-GROUP — Russia’s leading manufacturer of automotive electronics, working since 1994. The company is a diversified holding company, which includes production units and operating companies, are located not only in Russia but also abroad.

Today, the main production facilities are located in China. But in the next 2-3 years, the company plans to focus the main production in Russia, in Tatarstan.

The main products of the new company will be established on the basis of car console multimedia platform created by our own technology. The software of this development combined the functionality of GLONASS, intelligent traffic management, the ability of audio / video systems, and on-board laptop computer, satellite security system, entertainment and information center.

The factory is located in the small town Tchistopol. The volume of investment in the plant, which has legal name "Chistopolskie Car Technology", in the first phase will amount to 2 billion rubles, of which 1 billion — loan. The payback period is estimated at six and a half years, after which the plant will be able to bring a monthly income of $ 10.7 million. According to the company, this project will create in 2014 in the town of 2,930 new jobs. Tax expense in the budget for the 2010-19 years. amount to 5.5 billion rubles. It is clear that the project is of great socio-economic importance to the city that has a problem with government funding, and the population of 85 thousand people, for whom there are no jobs.

Automotive electronics plant in Chistopol will not only become a production base, but also a kind of research center for the development and implementation of innovative automotive electronic components. Multimedia car platform AAC-GROUP, which incorporates the numerous technical features is unique in the international market, so the construction of such a plant in Russia is of strategic importance. Funds invested in the project and received from him remains within the state. The company plans to generate additional investment for development of the project, including the operator of the services provided within the framework of application of multimedia devices. The high growth in consumption of services connected with the "car" of Internet technologies (information about traffic jams, satellite surveillance, and monitoring the technical condition of the vehicle, payment of various services) create conditions to ensure that Russia needs its operator to provide mobile services and flow control Information in cars. The platform requires such services and already has a number of partners in various areas (banks, insurance companies, service providers, etc.).

A similar idea in Russia have not yet been implemented on the basis of Russian developments, and with the participation of domestic companies. A permanent decline in the value of Internet traffic and the increase in consumption in a mobile format, in particular, in the car, point to the need for the emergence of this kind of operator services (monitoring traffic conditions, monitoring the technical condition of the vehicle, payments, etc.). In addition, the Russian market is open for navigation services development, because here today about the serious implementation of subscriber units is uncertain. The company believes that the openness of the market and the lack of it players can successfully take their niches, while the market is only in its formative stages. Because today, "car" is actively developed, and has been supported at the state level. Consequently, the topic of increasing importance — GLONASS technologies are being introduced in the domestic cars on the stage of the conveyor is equipped with special vehicles navigation systems and car owners are not satisfied with the existing capabilities of simple multimedia devices. Today’s users want to receive additional services. It is possible, moreover, that the mass production installation platforms AAC-GROUP on stage of the pipeline does not lead to a serious increase in the cost the car (it is estimated at 6-8 thousand rubles).

The industrial base of the plant has the capacity to manufacture automotive electronics, telematics and navigation equipment, modules, digital radio and television, modem, 3G, 4G, LTE / WIMAX. In addition, the plant installed an automated line for the production of speakers, the cost of which amounted to 1.6 million euros. The equipment has a capacity of up to 2 million acoustic modules per year. In this case, it is reprogrammed for different sizes of speakers (4 "and 6×9").

It also proposed to create a logistics center for the supply of Russian automotive electronics. The plant will provide not only jobs the city, but will also create a center of innovation, in which interest is expressed by the international market. And most importantly — Russian developers create such a product, which according to its technical features and price (plant in Russia will allow a 20-30% reduction in the cost of goods) has no equal. This makes the project interesting not only for the Russian car industry, but also for foreign automakers.

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