In Tatarstan, the construction of the first companies

industrial park "Tchistopol"

May 4 Chistopolsky region of Tatarstan the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the first two companies created in the industrial park "Tchistopol."

Industrial park project is implemented on public-private partnership in the framework of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan approved the comprehensive investment plan and long-term program of development Chistopol to 2015. The federal program to support small towns on the financing of the project allocated 592 million rubles.

The total area of the industrial park of 292 hectares on the territory demarcated 35 plots of 1-13 hectares. By bringing all the necessary services to which residents of the industrial park can connect for free. They are also provided such preferences as exemption from land tax, land rent for the period of construction and output on a designed capacity (up to 7 years). For residents and reduced property tax (0.1 per cent) and income tax (13.5 percent).

On today signed an agreement on the establishment of industries in the industrial park with four investor companies. The total investment is estimated at almost 12 billion rubles. The potential number of jobs in the industries of the future — more than 1 million people.

May 4 in the industrial park "Tchistopol" started construction of a plant for the production of medical products of the international scientific-production company "Delrus" as well as a plant for the production of kits for low-rise construction company "Invest ACS." 

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