In the Aga Buryat district of Trans-Baikal region opened two kindergartens

On November 25, the Aga Buryat district open just two kindergartens. The village Chindaley Duldurginsky district opened a kindergarten, "Dandelion", and in the village of Agin — Kindergarten "asterisk".

Kindergarten "Dandelion" — this is a brand new building, designed for 60 people. The cost of construction amounted to more than 20 million rubles. Funds have been allocated from the regional and municipal budgets. Chindaley The population is about 1,000 people, but, nevertheless, the need for day care has been great.

Kindergarten "asterisk" 75 is designed for children who will attend it with the January 1, 2012. Under the pre-school education was renovated building of the old school. The cost of the work amounted to 15 million rubles (12.8 million regional budget has allocated 2.2 million — the budget of the city district). At the kindergarten all the necessary equipment 402,000 rubles allocated from the federal budget.

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