In the Air Force completed exercises in the northern and eastern regions of Russia

As part of the exercise far crews, fighter and special aviation successfully coped with the tasks and fixed interaction skills during flights. 

During the exercise, the crews of Tu-95MS and Tu-160 worked out methods of destruction of objects simulated enemy air defense and strategic facilities of the zone duty in the air, as well as improved skills bezorientirnoy flights over the countryside. The crews of the MiG-31 and Su-27 aircraft under the control of airborne early warning and control A-50 carried out a patrol escort. Terrestrial services airfields successfully provided long-distance flights of planes and fighter aircraft.

During the time of the aerial part of the exercise was carried out 10 aerial refueling with a total return of more than 200 tons of fuel long-range aviation pilots made a long non-stop flights. The residence time of the crews in the air ranged from 12 to 21 hours

In the course of flights over neutral waters of the Pacific Ocean range aircraft were accompanied by the F-15, F-16 countries — participants of NATO. 
Long-range aircraft pilots regularly fly all the approved plans air patrols over neutral waters of the Arctic, Atlantic, Black Sea, Pacific Ocean, as a base, and with operational airfields.

All flights of the Air Force carried out in strict accordance with international regulations on the use of airspace over neutral waters, without violating the borders of other states.

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