In the Airborne Command is commissioned digital transmission Civic

In the Command Airborne Troops (VDV) is commissioned digital transmission "Civic", designed to create new and upgrading of existing military communication systems. It harmoniously combines the features of both the old analog communication systems, and with the most modern digital equipment.

Through the use of this system software IT-Phone, communication becomes more reliable and convenient to significantly raise the efficiency of command and control. It can help you not only with high quality to make telephone calls, but also enjoy additional implemented services. For example, in the absence of an officer in the workplace, automatically turn on call forwarding or voice mail, and in the course of conversation, you can use the recording and playback of voice fragments.

Staff of the Navy control officers especially liked the flexible ways of grouping users in the list of favorite contacts, and quickly find the contact — all it saves time, and in the second Airborne decide to success.

Extras include the possibility to determine the employment status subscriber. The mechanism of the speed dial allows you to make a call by pressing just one button. IT-Phone application adapted for computers using the touch screen, and a number of calls to the basic functions of the application are duplicated in the USB-phone.

In the near future, the hardware-software complex "Civic" will be equipped with control units and formations Airborne stationed in various regions of the Russian Federation.


  • Connecting the PZT "Civic" to digital transmission, "MiniCom DX-500"


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