In the Altai began to grow industrial hemp


In one district of the Altai Territory was first sown agricultural non-narcotic hemp, reported the online newspaper "Vesti". The entire debut will leave for seed harvest. Will be engaged in the processing of hemp, not earlier than after 3 years. By the way, the demand for hemp products, says the farmer, is already there. For Russian hemp — well forgotten old. In the Altai active agricultural hemp grown in the 60’s. There was also a processing plant culture.


This seed mechanic Sergey remember for a long time: usually sown wheat, now — hemp. It is responsible, each seed counts. In the whole of Russia, only 8 tons. Farmer of Kytmanov bought the last two.

 Grow a culture is not difficult, it is not afraid of frost and drought, almost sick. But here’s the harvest — is the problem.


 Alexander Kapelkin farmer Kytmanovskiy district, says: "We plan to adapt existing equipment, modernize combines, adjust the header. Here, in this part, we run the risk that we can not remove it. Because I do not know what she will grow — high, low, which be the stem. "


 This hemp, though not drug, but the "magical" properties also possesses. It, for example, may be worn. Clothes made of hemp is very strong and light. More from hemp oil do — for medicines and cosmetics, cotton wool, by the way, the dollars it printed on hemp paper. And the materials of hemp even sheathe aircraft.


 To revive the cultivation of cannabis last fall offered in Moscow Gosnarkokontrol employees. Altai, supported the idea. Before planting narcotics police conducted the edge expertise — drugs are not found in the seeds.


 Paul Selivyorstov, a spokesman for the regional Office of Drug Control in Altai Krai, said: "It is important to keep track of what areas are not planted hemp, which can be made from marijuana and other drugs of plant origin. And it is important that the criminal environment does not interfere with it."


 Some agronomists believe — fields are pollinated by wild hemp and also become intoxicating. Now hemp engaged in several regions of Russia, including the Novosibirsk region. Farmers soothe, they have a legitimate grass until the problems were.




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