In the Altai Mountains planted nearly 150,000 seedlings of pine and larch

  • Seedlings of coniferous trees.  Archive
  • Seedlings of coniferous trees. Archive

Foresters and environmentalists have landed on Tuesday about 150,000 seedlings cedar and larch on Semínský Pass in the Altai Mountains, where earlier raging wildfires; still 250,000 conifer seedlings will be planted in different areas of the country in the coming weeks.

This year, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Together with the Russian cosmetics company "Yves Rocher" gave the country one million pine trees. New Forest — the young fir, larch and pine trees that were planted forestry experts of the Altai Mountains — came in the early summer of this year in six forest districts. Area landings exceeded 310 acres. And in the early autumn of the second stage of forest plantations, which are held on the site of the dead tree stands, and in clearings in different years.

"Today Semínský Pass in the Altai Republic, which a few years ago was burning strongly, we are featuring Ongudaisky foresters planted nearly 150,000 seedlings of pine and larch in an area of 45 hectares. Plant trees and helped the children out of school forestry. In the next week or two in different regions of the country will be planted 250,000 seedlings have conifers, "- told RIA Novosti press-secretary of the Altai-Sayan branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Ekaterina Lukonina.

The spokeswoman added that all this fall as part of the program will be planted over 248,000 seedlings of cedar — the main tree Altai taiga. Planting will take place in Choya, and Turochakskiy Ongudaisky areas on the ground fires and deforestation. In landing at Semínský pass participated general director of "Yves Rocher Vostok" Bruno Leprosy who came to the republic of Altai-finding visit.

"He really enjoyed it, it looked like before the seedlings planted have taken root, and said that next year, perhaps, the company will present the region has one million trees," — said Lukonina.

For the WWF is not the first project to restore forests in the Altai. A few years ago with the help of supporters WWF helped to revive the unique belt forests of the Altai Territory, died in the fires of 1997-1999. During the ten years of the program "Plant your own forest!" by private individuals and companies WWF managed to recover more than a thousand hectares of forest.

Funds restore forests in other parts of Russia, except for Altai region we are talking about the project to restore the forests of the Arkhangelsk region affected by natural disasters (fires, windstorms). Fund "Yves Rocher" pledged to plant 50 million trees worldwide by 2013. They planted forest in Africa, India, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and other countries around the world. Russia — the second country in terms of landings after India.

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