In the Altai openly meat processing company


In Mayminsky district of the Altai Republic opened the meat processing company. Its average production capacity — three tons of finished products per shift.

The initiator of the project was the procurement processing agricultural consumer cooperative (SPPZK) "Agrodar."

The company will produce prepared and preserved meat, meat offal of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, deer, red deer. The total number of these animals in areas of the country close to a million, and the number of processing plants in them is unity.

The cooperative also specializes in the wholesale and retail meat, poultry, and canned goods, Altai national delicacies.

Acquired SPPZK "Agrodar" production line is a modern efficient equipment, which implies a strict control over the quality of raw materials and guarantees the use of advanced production technology.

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