In the Altai pine tree growing through a growth promoter

In the Altai region of Scots pine seedlings grown for the first time using environmentally friendly plant growth promoter.  Stimulator was developed by scientists at research and educational center "Chemistry of Plant Polymers" Altai State University a few years ago.

Earlier it was used only for growing vegetables. Now, with the support of local foresters fertilizer produced from waste wood, used for growing seedlings of Pinus sylvestris in the Altai Forest Seed Centre.

"The results of the experiment showed that the germination of seeds treated with stimulant is 100%, while the control planting the usual way gave the germination of 75% — said director of REC" Chemistry of Plant Polymers "Altai State University Tatiana Vereshchagin. — In addition, the green mass of seedlings abundant than in the control plants planting. Now, foresters and scientists have reason to hope that the new product is green chemistry — growth stimulator, "came out of the woods", will be indispensable its reproduction. "

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