In the Altai region began producing boxes for the reception of digital terrestrial television

Altai enterprise "Slavgorodskiy factory radio" began producing top boxes for receiving digital terrestrial signal. The investment project is implemented with the support of Administration of the Territory.

Digital set-top box "Katun" in its technical characteristics meet the highest European standards and is not inferior to foreign analogues. At the same time, the ratio of "price-quality" model today is the most optimal for the domestic market.

How to tell the developers, the model is very simple to use, adapted to domestic and imported television last generations (since 1995), where there is no built-air digital receiver signal. At the same time takes into account modern requirements: the function «PRV USB» allows you to record TV programs, music files, MP3, JPG image files to the device USB. Not at all like domestic developments there is a function USB. Software upgrades for this type of console users can download their own in the future of the Internet. The "digital radio" provides the opportunity to receive high-quality digital radio.

The first batch of consoles "Katun" was released in early 2011 in the amount of two thousand. In the future production volumes are planned with the annual increase.

As reported in the Regional Directorate for Industry and Energy, the project is developing and putting into production boxes for receiving digital terrestrial signal was carried out of "Slavgorodskiy factory radio" in the shortest possible time. From concept to implementation took only 5 months.

"The idea is to establish in the Altai Territory production devices receiving terrestrial digital signal sounded at a meeting of the Council of the Union of Industrialists Altai. We have studied the existing patterns and offered his own version of this type of set-top boxes, which is now in the domestic market is the most advanced in its technical characteristics. Now the development of the company are LED lights for Utilities — street lamps, lamps for the office. The prototypes have already been made, "- say the factory.

Deputy Governor Vitaly Ryapolov stressed that only in the Altai region size of the market for set-top boxes receive digital terrestrial television is estimated at several hundred thousand units. According to the "Slavgorodsky factory radio," they are ready to fully close the needs of the region in the form of devices. In the long term — access to markets in other areas, especially as the authorized service center for warranty service data units are located in all regions of Russia, as well as in Belarus and Kazakhstan. The corresponding agreement has been made with the federal service center warranty.

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