in the Altai region built 48 new complexes of 36.9 thousand heads

In 2011, the program targets 100 100 Alstayskom in the province exceeded by more than 2 times. For 11 months in the Altai region built, renovated and modernized 144 livestock facilities. Including built 48 new dairy and beef farms and complexes. Constructed and put into operation livestock facilities can accommodate 36.9 million heads of cattle.

Reconstruction and modernization of the economy held in 96 animal houses, designed for the content of 32.8 thousand. 21.8 thousand heads created for dairy cattle — in the region since the beginning of the year remodeled and upgraded facilities and 87 dairy farms. They are equipped with the modern dairy and milking equipment. This allows to obtain products with high quality features and improves productivity livestock.

So, Zarinskiy district this year, OOO "Blinovskoye" put into operation 6 reconstructed facilities at 2170 staging areas.

Economy Annunciation district remodeled and modernized 7 dairy complexes and farms to 1,500 head.

Aleisk near the Governor’s program participants were 6 households. This year, they launched the operation after reconstruction in 7 facilities designed for the maintenance of 1,780 heads.

Also, since the beginning of the year in the region, renovated and modernized facilities to 9 for beef cattle, pigs and sheep.

Thus, the reconstruction of meat farm to 1,000 head held KFH "Science" Yegoryevsky district. Ltd. "Kursk" Kulundinskoye area has commissioned a farm of 250 beef cows, LLC "KH Apasova NI" Ust-Pristanskaya area — 2 projects for 600 heads. Altay region — one of the largest producers of livestock products not only in the Siberian Federal District, but also in the Russian Federation is made of more than 300 thousand tons of livestock and poultry, 1450 tons of milk, 1.05 billion eggs.

Among the regions of the country Altai region in terms of gross production of milk takes third place meat — 6th place, eggs — 14th place, and the production per capita milk, cheese and butter is a leader in the region.

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