In the Altai region gasified 70 settlements

In the new heating season the residents of the village of the district will Alexandrovka Kalmansky natural gas.

"Now the work is going on in the area from Novoromanovo to Alexandrovka. Laying the new line will be completed by the autumn. Deadline — September 8"- Says superintendent Alexander Rausch.

According to the deputy head of the Altai Territory Housing, Head of the gasification Igor Hromenkova, Kalmansky area is given special attention, because from the point of view of the area of gasification — new building. "Inter-settlement gas pipeline to Alexandrovka — a very important subject, because next year he has to go to the district center to Kalmanka. And there is in fact much more, and consumers "- he says.

The second most important object Igor Hromenkov calls subject in Kosikhinsky area. "There are finishing inter-village line length of 14 km to the village Glushinka. Thus, this year we will have two settlements, as it was added to Beryozovka in the Krasnogorsk district. Incidentally, the works on internal networks. Overall, installation is proceeding as planned — on all 13 districts and four urban districts. Currently gasified 70 settlements"- Said the deputy head of the region’s utilities.

According to the regional newspaper "Altai Pravda", the numbers of funding in this direction is clearly spelled out in the long-term program for 2013-2015. In the current year from a variety of sources for the gasification of the region have to spend more than a billion rubles. Of these, the bulk of the — 540000000 — Incorporated in the budget and the edges will remain unchanged for three years indicated.

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