In the Altai region have commissioned road section Zmeinogorsk-Rubcovsk

Its total length is more than 20 kilometers. Financing activities provided Altai Krai Administration with OOO "UMMC-Holding". The need for the reconstruction of this road has arisen in connection with the development of the mining industry in Zmeinogorsk and Rubtsovsky areas. This resulted in an increase in freight volumes.

In the opening section of the road Zmeinogorsk-Rubcovsk attended Governor of the Altai Territory Alexander Karlin and CEO of "UMMC-Holding" Andrew Kozitsin. The head of the region emphasized that the implementation of this project — a visual confirmation that the institution of a public-private partnership in the Altai region works successfully. With the help of this interaction in the region are solved most pressing issues: infrastructure development areas, the development of mining and extractive industries, the creation of appropriate conditions for the people living in these areas.

Alexander Karlin noted that for several years administration of the region is in partnership with "UMMC-Holding" and OAO "Sibirpolimetally." "This cooperation is a positive effect on the development of the territory. You can see it for yourself. This road will always be in demand by local residents. I emphasize that the development of the mining industry in any case will not lead to the degradation of local infrastructure, but instead will contribute to its development, "- said the Governor.

Special thanks to Alexander Karlin, expressed the company’s employees "Sibirpolimetally", representatives of road services, which in a short time — from July to October 2011 — completed their tasks. General Director of OOO "UMMC-Holding" noted that the reconstruction of the object have invested considerable manpower and resources, but the biggest credit goes to those who participated in this project. "Application for a public-private partnership is always declared to the whole country, but in fact does not work everywhere. With the guidance of the Altai Territory, we have reached an understanding, "- concluded Andrei Kozitsin.

It must be said that the total cost of road construction works in this area amounted to 472 million rubles, including 48 million rubles — the regional budget and 224 million rubles — the OOO "UMMC-Holding" JSC and "Sibirpolimetally." Add that in 2010 the Altai Krai Administration signed a supplementary agreement to the agreement on social and economic cooperation with OOO "UMMC-Holding" JSC and "Sibirpolimetally." This agreement provides for a phased renovation and repair of roads Zmeinogorsk-Rubcovsk on a parity basis by 2014.

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