In the Altai region II is completed phase of the region’s largest poultry

"Prioskolye" (Belgorod region). Completes phase II of the project for the construction of poultry farms in the Altai region. As a result, the production capacity of poultry "broiler Altai" should reach 63 thousand tons per year.

To implement the project, "Prioskolye" attracted credit resources of the Altai and Central Black Earth Russian bank Sberbank. The total project cost is more than 7 billion rubles. The volume of participation of Sberbank is currently estimated at more than 5.5 billion rubles. The payback period is for 10 years. "Prioskolye" realizes the project of the Altai poultry complex in 2007. The complex is located in the city Byisk, Zonal and Bijskogo areas. In 2009, "Altai Broiler" produced 40 thousand tons of poultry meat.

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