In the Altai region in 2012 is being renovated 142 health facilities

As part of the modernization of health care Altai Territory in 2012 being renovated buildings (offices) in 70 health facilities in the region, as well as in 20 institutions (departments), child and maternity.

Among the institutions to be overhauled, and included rural health facilities: 39 central offices of district hospitals, 36 FAPs, one rural health clinics. Thus, only in the regional hospital will be renovated 11 branches. Their repair will introduce up to 40% of the new minimally invasive (less traumatic) intervention methods, to increase the number of operations to 10%, reduce the average stay of a patient in a hospital operated by 12%. In the regional children’s hospital casualty capitally repaired and Pulmonology of the main building. 

According to recent data, 47% of the population of the Altai region live in rural areas. Rural social development depends largely on the availability and quality of health care provided in the municipal areas.

Among the priorities of the program to modernize health care region — the approach of medical care to the rural population, according to the General Directorate for Health and pharmaceutical activities. Overhaul of maternity and intensive care units, operating theaters central district hospitals, including inter-district offices, will improve the quality of health care services for women during pregnancy and childbirth. 

  In addition, during 2011-2012 at 12 institutions of obstetrics being renovated premises pediatric intensive care, and the second phase of nursing infants. For two years in 37 institutions (departments) provided overhaul maternity maternity, obstetric departments of health region. In 2012, as part of the modernization program planned overhaul of the three children’s hospitals and a children’s ward in the amount of 74 million 530 thousand rubles. In 2011, the completed repair work on the 31 th FAP. Major repairs of buildings obstetric units was to bring the facilities into compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological requirements and improve the quality of health care for the rural population of the region. 

  In addition, in 2011, completed the work in three offices Regional Clinical Hospital, neurological and maternity wards of the city hospital number 11 in Barnaul, the edge ophthalmic hospital, newborn care package Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital, the regional cardiology clinic, medical building regional oncologic dispensary on the street. Nikitina, 77, Cancer Center of the city of Rubtsovsk, maternity hospital № 2 of Byisk and City Hospital № 1 in Rubtsovsk, endocrinology and neurology wards of the city hospital number 5 of Barnaul, completed in the regional perinatal center and maternity hospital number 11 in Barnaul .

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