In the Altai region is included in the work of the unique power unit

Branch of OAO "UES FGC" — West Siberian backbone electric grids (MES) Siberia — included in the work of modern power unit on the reconstructed 220 kV Vlasikha (Altai Territory).


Put under stress the new switchgear system with gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) 220 kV and 220 kV autotransformer new 200 MVA.


Because of this the day before the winter peak loads significantly improved the reliability of the electricity supply industry and residential neighborhoods in the city of Barnaul and the surrounding areas of the province. In addition, possible to electric grid connection of new consumers.

For the first time in the Altai region of Siberia and in the MEA to connect new switchgear and the new auto-transformer used 220 kV cable with XLPE insulation (XLPE).

High voltage cables with XLPE insulation designed for transmission and distribution of electricity at sites with high levels of energy consumption and load density. Their use eliminates the installation of metal portals busbar and connection, reducing the cost of reconstruction, as well as increases the reliability and safety of the equipment.

The reconstruction of the 220 kV Vlasikha is from 2009. Technical re-equipment provides a complete replacement of the power equipment, bringing the total installed capacity of the power facility will increase by 235 MVA and 560 MVA will be. Instead of outdoor switchgear (ORU), 110 and 220 kW at a power plant mounted gas-insulated switchgear complete unit (GIS). Application of GIS to reduce the area of the substation and reliably protect the equipment from the environment and prolong its service life.

After the reconstruction in 2012 Vlasikha 220 kV substation will be one of the first in the service area of MES Siberia substations of 220 kV closed working on a modern gas-insulated equipment. With this new power facility will be more environmentally friendly and safe. Total investments of JSC "FGC UES" comprehensive reconstruction of the substation will be 2.5 billion.

Substation 220 kV Vlasikha installed capacity of 325 MVA was commissioned in 1966. It provides the power supply of the city of Barnaul, including Barnaul television station, municipal water intake, brewery plant and sand-lime brick, and central regions of the Altai Territory.

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