In the Altai region kicked off the season of planting forests

Foresters southern areas of the region have started reforestation activities.

In the forest nursery of LLC "Forest Service" (Klyuchevskii district) is an active work. Here, on a plot of 3 hectares, employs 500 people at once. Such a massive assault on the nursery thrown only once a year, when the need for one day dig up all the pine seedlings grown specifically for planting. Germs are now about 2 years old — the perfect age for transplanting on silvicultural area.

Kliuchevsky foresters need 3.3 million pieces of pine seedlings. Taken from the nursery all at once in a single day, and will be planted in batches over the next 10-12 days, until the soil is still wet from the melting snow. The seedlings in the meantime will be stored in the snowfields — a specially constructed "forest refrigerators." This is to ensure that, before the landing to keep them in a state of rest, not to grow out of the soil — inside Snowfield due to low temperature process of plant growth slows.

The plans for the employees of LLC "Forest Service" this year — the establishment of forest plantations in the area of 1.5 ha. The need to restore such a large area arose because of the large forest fire that has passed through the country in the autumn of 2010. In the fire killed more than 10 thousand hectares of forest. All of these areas will be returned to nature, but their recovery will take 5-6 years. The first 1.5 hectares Gorelnik were zakultivirovany last year.

In total this year forest enterprises Altai receive a nursery about 30 million seedlings of pine and larch. This planting will be used for the creation of forest crops on 6 hectares of damaged forest areas.

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