In the Altai region launched the construction of the first mini-hydropower plants on the river Anuj

Construction of the first of five small hydropower plants will be carried out within the framework of the state program of the Russian Federation "Energy saving and energy efficiency for the period up to 2020", as well as the regional program "Energy conservation and energy efficiency for 2011-2015".

The investor made engineering company "Energy".

Soloneshenskaya SHP will be the first of five small hydropower plants in the Altai Territory. Construction of the stations will contribute to solving the problems of energy dependence and energy region. The project will create 130 additional jobs.

Construction Soloneshensky small hydropower plant was used for the materials of party congresses, but none in the Soviet Union or in the following years it was not possible to go back to this project, since there were no conditions for the arrival of investors. Currently these conditions are created in the Altai region, and was necessary due to the increase in electricity consumption in industry and everyday life.

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