In the Altai region of about 300 young doctors have become millionaires


In the Altai more doctors are becoming millionaires. They are young professionals who choose to work in rural areas. Among them — the graduate of the Medical University Tatyana Voronina.

Tatiana graduated with honors from the internship, to gain experience in a hospital in Barnaul, and then returned to his native village Kosiha. In the central district hospital new doctor in a short time managed to earn the respect of patients and colleagues. Tatiana walked quickly on the rise and has become head of the therapy department. Million, which is an intern received under the program "Zemsky doctor", she spent for the purchase of housing.

We note, in the Altai region is about three young doctors went to work in the countryside and get some one million rubles. Only in Kosikhinsky area over the last year there were five young professionals — three therapist, psychiatrist and radiologist.

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