In the Altai region opened a comprehensive natural reserve of regional importance Charyshskaya steppe

June 6 Shipunovsky’s Altai region has opened a new state natural complex reserve of regional importance "Charyshskaya steppe." This is the 36th in a row specially protected natural area in the province.

State Nature Reserve "Charyshskaya step" on your profile is complex (landscape) and is designed to preserve the natural complex krupnodernovinnyh forb steppes lavrotopolevyh floodplain forests, natural habitats and breeding of animals and plants, including those listed in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation and the Red Book Altai region, maintaining the ecological balance and nurturing environment for the person adjacent to replenish Zakaznik hunting ground hunting resources (providing natural dispersal).

The total area of the reserve is 5971 hectares.

More information about the sanctuary + lots of photos

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