In the Altai region opened after reconstruction Rebrihinskaya Secondary School

The station Rebriha sunny morning on August 28 was a rehearsal for a festive line September 1 — Today Stationmaster-Rebrihinskaya Secondary School opened after a long and time-consuming conversion.

This building is more than half a century — it was opened in 1954. In the last two years in school learning upgraded furniture, acquired visual aids on the history, geography, laborantskie created in the offices of chemistry and physics. In the offices of the history and biology of interactive whiteboards installed and updated technology in the computer lab. A special pride of the school — gymnasium area of 162 square meters. meter. In it — all the necessary equipment and sporting goods. At the school there is a horizontal bar, the sector for the long jump, running track, hockey box. In the future it is planning to create an arboretum. 


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