In the Altai region opened in Siberia’s largest plant for the production of vegetable oil

Its capacity can handle up to 500 tons of seeds of various oilseeds per day, reported in the regional management of food processing industry.

The total investment cost of the project, which was implemented by "Agrosib-Expanse", amounted to 2.2 billion rubles. Manufacturing provides a full cycle of processing oilseeds — sunflower, soybean, rapeseed. The factory is located in Barnaul and will produce 66 thousand tons of refined, deodorized oil and 68 tons of granulated meal per year.

The company installed a modern, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly equipment. A series of new facilities. This shop cleaning, grain dryer, metal granary rushalno-winnowing office, forging department, department of extraction, refining plant, granulation plant, packing shop and elevator meal, oil tank farm

For Altai new production is of great importance to emphasize the department. The region accounts for 90 percent of total yield of sunflower in Siberia, with 80-90 percent of refined and deodorized oil is now imported to the Altai region from other regions.

"High-tech equipment will enable the company to take a place among the leaders of the Russian market of vegetable oils producers" — believe in the regional administration.

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