In the Altai region produced a unique series of salad oils (with video)


Altai company "VitaVinko" released special series of vegetable oils. The company specializes in the development, production and sales of health products from natural raw materials and the composition of the new oil line was specially developed technology enterprise. Oil production equipment is used in Russia.

The series includes eight kinds of salad oil premium: wheat germ oil, pumpkin seed, cedar, sea buckthorn, olive oil, mustard, soybean oil and rosehip oil. Butter is produced by cold pressing, reported in the management of food processing and pharmaceutical industry of the Altai Territory. Chemical preservatives are not used in the production.

According to the materials of the company, every oil, in fact, is a blend of oils. The basis for mixtures of linseed oil. To enrich it with vitamins used wheat germ oil, cedar, sea buckthorn oil, rose hip oil, soybean oil, mustard, olive oil, refined oil from pumpkin seeds.

Although all products are prepared from natural ingredients and contains no chemical preservatives, oil has a longer shelf life. The company‘s specialists have achieved this by adding a mixture of sesame oil containing semazol, which is a natural preservative and prevents the oxidation process.

Oils are certified, have passed rigorous testing and are guaranteed high quality. 

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