In the Altai region realize the large agro

Since the start of the governor’s program "100 100" in the Altai region built, renovated and modernized 266 livestock facilities. 99 of them — are built "from scratch."

According to the regional administration for the 9 months of the economy of the region have commissioned 46 new facilities for dairy, beef cattle, pigs and sheep. These animal houses are designed for the maintenance of 124.5 thousand head of livestock.

  • cattle complex "Altaymyasoprom"
  • cattle complex "Altaymyasoprom"

Ltd. "Altaymyasoprom" Talmensky district this year launched a first pig farm. Also, large livestock facilities this year introduced of "the name of Anatol" Khabarsky area (construction feedlot skotomest 1400), "Agro-Siberia" Smolensk region (320 skotomest barn and feedlot at 800 skotomest) Ltd. "cornet" Topchikhinsky District (pig on 12000 stankomest) Ltd. "Agricultural Harvest" Zonal area (feedlot skotomest 1000), etc.

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