In the Altai region received a batch of forest fire equipment

Two new wheel tractor TERRION delivered to the First District of the Altai region of St. Petersburg. The main purpose of incoming cars — it opashka the Forest Fund. From other machines of this series TERRION has a higher agility and maneuverability, according to the regional forest management.


Alexander Zverev, head of the department of forest protection forest management Altai region: "The new tractors are the work of Russian tractor builders. Engine power — 180 hp. A wide range of operating attachments can complement the tractor necessary working tools and significantly increase the scope of its application, and effectively used at any time of the year. Its use is very effective and forestry in the performance of preventive fire protection measures. It will be used in the device mineralized bands and care for them, opashke settlements, forest areas, which do not require the use of heavy equipment, as well as the localization of forest fires. "

To date, under the state contract for the supply of heavy equipment in the forest fire Altai region has already received 19 units of machines: 7 fire tankers, track-terrain vehicle IRBIS 2, 3 Kamaz truck tractors, bulldozers CHETRA 5, 2 wheeled tractor TERRION.

All equipment supplied on the account based on the places: on the First, and Volchihinskom Uglovsky areas. Tankers (fire trucks on the basis of the Urals) have already been tested in the business for fighting forest fires in Bobrovskoye forestry. All-terrain vehicles, tractors and bulldozers put on combat duty.

In the near future, the edge goes another four wheel tractors, expected to arrive later than five forest patrol complexes SILANT.

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