In the Altai region sausage production reached a record high

In 2010, in the Altai region produced 22,400 tons of sausages. As REGNUM in the regional management of food processing and pharmaceutical industries, it is a historical maximum, which reached the region in 1991. The potential of the production facilities used only by half.

According to the department, in 2010, meat processing plants Altai produced: Meat Category 1 88.4 thousand tons (127% of the corresponding period last year); sausages — 22.4 thousand tons (126.8%); meat products — 23,8 thousand tons (94.5%), canned meat — 3986.9 tubes. (115.1%).

For five years in the Altai Territory volume of meat and meat products increased by 74.4%. The index of industrial production in the meat industry was 120.1% compared to 2009.

As explained in the management, the positive results achieved in the industry due to the significant increase in the production of meat, including offal category I, sausages and canned meat. Changing consumer demand is not allowed to reach the 2009 level only in the production of meat products. It also reported that increased production of high-quality and relevant products achieved through the reconstruction and modernization of production facilities for meat processing plants, equipping them with modern energy-efficient appliances and equipment.

The Office also noted that the structure of the production of meat and by-products category 1 in 2010 the bulk of output of poultry — 66.1%, 22.3% beef is, pork — 11%.

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