In the Altai region tridtsatitrehtysyachny born child

They became barnaulets Vsevolod.

In the registry office of Leninsky district of Barnaul, January 16 honored tridtsatitrehtysyachnogo baby that begat the Altai Territory in 2012.

Vsevolod boy was born on December 26 at the Barnaul family of Helen and Alexander Tatarashvili.


Congratulate the happy parents came Altai Territory Governor Alexander Karlin and head of administration of the city of Barnaul Igor Savintsev.

As reported in the press center of the city administration, parents anniversary baby believe that number three will be happy for him. The child was not only tridtsatitrehtysyachnym newborn in the Altai region, but also the third son in the family. Today the head of the region congratulated Tatarashvili family with the birth of his son, who in 2012 became the Altai Territory 33000th newborns. The ceremony took place in the registry office of Leninsky district of the city of Barnaul.

"The event that happened in your family on December 26 — the birth of his third son, is very significant for all of the Altai Territory and very welcome. In the province of the event waited much longer than you: for 22 years "- with these words addressed to the Governor of the family Tatarashvili. 2012 was the first for the Altai region historical, because it is the last year for the first time in 22 years, came to light more than 33 thousand kids. According to the registrar of the district administration, only in 2012, in the Altai region had 33,023 registered act of birth.

The couple’s son Alexander and Helen Vsevolod — third. The elder brother George — 9 years, Bagrat — 4 years. "It is very good that this event took place in the family of strategic importance, as we call families with children in the Altai region. The word loud, but reflects a correct understanding of the family. Today, not only professionals, but also in general in the public consciousness ingrained notion that a family with three (and of course more) children — the most optimal for the education of children, creating a good atmosphere in the family of a collaborative effort, co-development ", — said the governor. Incidentally, the head of the family Tatarashvili, Alexander, he grew up in a large family.

Alexander Karlin, called an increase in the birth rate, "a reflection of the processes of positive changes that are taking place in our country in general and in the Altai region, including". "It’s great that new life appear in families with three or more children. Last year, in 4577 families, children were born the third and subsequent. It is in 849 births in large families is greater than it was in 2011. And we, in turn, not only to say that it is good, but best to help these families. Recently, a number of decisions on the support of large families in the Altai region and at the state level, "- recalled the governor.

The head of administration of Barnaul noted that in recent years, the city has improved demographic situation. So, in 2012, was born on 800 children more than in the preceding 2011. He noted that city officials understand their mission to support families with children, including to address the problem with providing day care centers, the development of a system of supplementary education. This work is supported by the regional authorities. "Governor edge facing the task that we have done everything to ensure that your children can grow, become worthy, full-fledged citizens of the Russian Federation", — said Igor Savintsev.

Alexander Karlin Tatarashvili congratulated the happy family with a good event on behalf of the regional authorities, and all the inhabitants of the region. "Wish you all the best, well-being and health. Let the atmosphere of mutual love and respect, which is present in your family, will continue for years to come "- with such wishes, he turned to his wife Elena and Alexander.

At the end of the ceremony honoring the 33 thousandth newborn Governor presented the family to Elena and Alexander Tatarashvili memorable address of the event, as well as gifts.


By the demographic trends in force in recent years, the regional head turned in the traditional "MASS MEDIA". He noted that the registration of more than 33 thousand births in 2012 — is the most important event of recent decades. In the past, the region was born about 2.5 million babies more than in 2011. This is not just happy, but also very responsible statistics. "We are aware that this is fraught with great care. Literally tomorrow — after a year or two — these kids will lead to kindergarten, six or seven years, they have become first-graders. This is the program of our work will be computed to within a cot and school desks. To provide a comfortable environment for children receiving pre-school and secondary education — is an iron rule for us. Therefore, we constantly adjust our education development program, including, in the first place — pre-school and all the rest that determine favorable conditions for the development of the younger generation. This and sports facilities, and art schools that provide education and aesthetic education of children. It is not sluchaynoobrazovatelnye clusters, we are putting in the capital region, and include sports facilities, and the School of Arts or their affiliates.

So joyous event, with us delineate the range of additional duties. But I think it’s the responsibilities that should not weigh on us "- said the Governor of the Altai Territory.

Alexander Karlin said that the demographic trends of development of the region, acting in recent years, it is necessary to consolidate and develop. "2013 may be a favorable scenario for us to be particularly significant. We will overcome the situation of natural population loss, which, unfortunately, are still there, the number of deaths exceeds the number of births. If the growth rate of fertility will be retained, the 2013 may be a period when the number of births exceeds the number ahead of us. For the Altai region, with its complex structure of the population is extremely important, "- said Alexander Karlin.

Once again turning to take place today in Barnaul honoring family Tatarashvili in which December 26, 2012 was born 33000th resident of the Altai Territory, the head of the region drew journalists’ attention to changes taking place in the region. "I believe that a large family can count on the help and support from the state. My personal position is that I try to spend a taken at the regional level decisions: the need to support all families with children, without distinguishing among them poor. After all, a large family accomplishes an important social problem, and therefore the state should receive distinct and unambiguous signal of approval.

The most important — in the community formed the right attitude to families raising three or more children. We finally got friendly perceive them. Sleeping with our eyes and souls veil 90s, when in our country just turned the old scale of values. Then a woman with a baby in a stroller met dirty looks all around the falls, and you give birth to children, how can you? Then, on the wave of change created many distortions in the mind and in the public consciousness. Today we are experiencing a period of getting rid of the stereotypes of those years, going back to the eternal values. We understand that the family is a blessing — a child — a miracle, we need to take care of children and parents. And this is contrary to the modern concepts — political, religious, how you want. Such an attitude toward life and the world we support and mobilize. Got
something to work ", — concluded the Governor of the Altai Territory.

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