In the Altai region was opened after reconstruction Rebrihinskaya CRH

June 18, after the reconstruction of the main building of the hospital was opened Rebrihinskoy Central Hospital.

During reconstruction, the hospital has grown to an entire floor. In a now three-storey hospital building mounted lifts — for passengers and medical needs, equipped with ramps, upgraded facade, made installation of electricity, heating, water supply and sanitation.

The building houses a surgical and medical offices, day hospital stay, the front desk, as well as a number of diagnostic rooms: endoscopy, functional diagnostics, ultrasound, x-ray room, physical therapy and exercise therapy (physical therapy).

The hospital can receive the treatment to 94 patients at a time. The health of the inhabitants of the district will observe Rebrihinskogo 38 doctors. Many doctors and health care workers now learn to deal with modern equipment. Inpatient Hospital utilizes the latest medical information system, which will unite the clinic and hospital.

The area around the building landscaped.

In total, the modernization of the hospital has sent more than 132 million rubles.

To purchase equipment for the district hospital were sent 11.8 million rubles. /

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