In the Altai Republic, a new milk processing complex

In the village of Ust-Talda Koksinsky district opened production facility for milk processing capacity of 2 tons per day.  In the Altai Republic in the past were produced 84 thousand tons of milk, an average of 407 liters per person, according to these indicators in the Siberian Federal District, the region occupies the third place.

Just twelve days Firm "Kolaks M" has established and made up service.
Now it employs eight people, but when completed the whole adjustment plan to work in two shifts.

According to the SEC chairman Anatoly Tuntesheva, the profitability of milk increased by 2 times, if passed before the milk in an average of 9 cents per liter, the finished product cost of raw materials increases to 18 rubles. And it will allow in the future to recoup the money invested in construction work and income.

It is planned to introduce such a mini processing complexes in other areas that will see the stores more products with the inscription made in the Republic of Altai.

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