In the Altai Republic built one of the world’s first hybrid

diesel-solar power plants

In the Altai Republic completed the construction of one of the world’s first self-contained solar-diesel power stations. The hybrid plant with a capacity of 100 kW is located in the village of Yaylyu replace outdated diesel generator and is designed for offline uninterrupted supply of electricity to the village. Its operation will reduce by 50 percent the annual consumption of diesel fuel.
Russian design combines the benefits of solar and diesel generation, as well as the latest advances in the field of energy storage and management systems, which allow the best to distribute the load between the photovoltaic system, drives and diesel generators.
  According to the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Altai Republic Robert Paltaller, "diesel-solar power plant, the type and scale of the first in Russia, will serve as an effective base for scientific research and educational programs in the field of solar energy, the development of which is of great importance in an isolated power system and remote areas" .
Hybrid plants are able to provide a reliable, stable power supply to remote housing facilities, social, industrial and agricultural infrastructure. Similar in composition of different power plants (from 50 kW to 1 MW) to be built in areas with high levels of diesel generation — the Republic of Yakutia, Tuva, the Trans-Baikal region, the Far East. Their implementation will significantly reduce the cost of regional budgets for the operation of diesel generation.
Director of FTI. AF Andrew Joffe Zabrodskii stressed that "the creation of this hybrid diesel-solar power plants in combination with energy storage devices marks the beginning of large-scale development and deployment of solar energy in Russia, primarily in the country’s most remote regions of electrical networks."
As the general director of "Hevel" (a joint venture of the Group of companies "Renova" and "RUSNANO", specializing in the production of solar modules) Igor Ahmerov, diesel-solar power plants are technically efficient and cost-effective solution for areas with high levels of insolation and isolated power system, in which there exist only in Russia more than 20 million people, and around the world — about $ 1 billion. "
Company’s business strategy also includes export of hybrid plants of up to 10 MW per year in South Africa, India, Pakistan, Chile and other countries in which there are problems with electricity supply in remote areas. The global market in this segment is <nobr> 200-250 MW </ nobr> a year.
The world’s first commercial autonomous diesel-solar power plant with a capacity of 1 MW of electric energy storage devices using the built in South Africa in December last year and is designed to create the uninterrupted power supply of the mining company.
Information about the project "Autonomous hybrid power plant in s. Yaylyu "
The project was implemented within the framework of a state contract to build the Russian Ministry of pilot projects in the field of solar energy, which is implemented in the framework of the Federal Target Program "Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia in 2007 — 2013 years."
Work on the design and construction was carried out by companies, "Hevel" (a joint venture of the Group of companies "Renova" and "RUSNANO"), "Avelar Solar Technology" (part of "Renova") and Physical-Technical Institute. AF Joffe, Russian Academy of Sciences.
The location of the installation: a. Yaylyu, Altai Republic, FGBU "Altai State Nature Reserve"
The level of specific output power — 1400 kWh / kWp — one of the highest in Russia
Structure of the installation:
— Photovoltaic system — composed of thin film solar modules
— Diesel Generators
— Storage of electricity (batteries)

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