In the Altai, the complex of closed-loop

Ltd. "Altair-Agro" built in a. Patches Rebrihinskogo Altai Region complex closed-loop, including feed production, pork production, two meat-processing enterprise, trade and logistics center.

Construction of the facility capacity of 24,000 head per year carried out in the framework of the priority national project "Development of agriculture" in "The accelerated development of animal husbandry."

Construction of a pig with. Patches is in the final stage. At present, the construction is complete feed mill, which will provide full requirements of livestock in balanced feed. In the final stage is the preparation of construction documents for a comprehensive settlement densification of development in order to provide housing for employees.

In order to increase production capacity by 2 times the company’s management decided to build another pig at 24,000 head. Construction and installation work on the site in seconds. Panov Rebrihinskogo district started in November 2010.

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