In the Amur region began camp fees troop of scouts.


At-Arms Association, stationed in the Amur Region, commanded by Major General Sergey Solomatin, started the camp fees troop of scouts. The press service of the Eastern Military District.


In field conditions scouts work out the issue individual training, conduct combat coordination offices, live firing platoons.


Also, army scouts will fulfill a number of specific challenges that they face in the course of its activities:

  • explore ways of conducting reconnaissance during the day and at night
  • methodology razveddozora
  • organizing and conducting ambushes
  • implementation of the raid and search for the purpose of taking prisoners and weapons and military equipment of the enemy

With the personnel training will be conducted in an environment close to the fighting, when Reconnaissance operate in isolation from the major forces in the rear of the enemy and forced to rely on their own strength.


At the final stage of collecting them will be held Rotne special tactical exercises. The camp fee will last until the beginning of September.

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