In the Amur region brought 3912 head of cattle from Australia

On the territory of the Amur brought 3912 head of breeding stock of cattle breed Hereford, Charolais and Aberdeen Angus from Australia. The newly arrived livestock farms distributed over Belogorskogo, Serishevski, Szymanowski and Romnensky areas. Most — 2,386 head of heifers, including 98 heads of bulls, was sent to Romnensky region.

All venues that have adopted Australian cattle have been carefully prepared in advance: imported food, picked experts.

More than a thousand heads, of which 988 heifers and 39 bulls from Australia, was one of the largest breeders of pedigree — Agricultural Production Cooperative "October". Currently, the farm animals are an adjustment period. Experts are studying the state of the cattle.

In addition to the arrival of cattle on the farm already has about 600 Hereford, also brought in 2011 from Australia. Now the management of the economy is taking steps to expand the area of animal welfare.

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