In the Amur region open new businesses

October 2, 2011 in Free Amur region the grand opening of two new processing plants: dairy plant crick "Amur Dawns" and shop for slaughtering IP Romanova T.

The meat will be used as raw material for production of sausages and deli in the local production. Sausage shop produces about 6 tons of sausage per shift and 2.5 tons of semi-finished products. The range of businesses — IP Romanov about 300 kinds of products. Recently, production moved to the building of a new plant.

Construction of these plants was made possible thanks to government support in the form of subsidies for the purchase of equipment, which amounted to: crick "Amur Dawns" — 16 million rubles., IP Romanova T. — 3 million rubles.

For the region of the commissioning of new processing plants — a significant event, which will benefit the development of beef and dairy cattle in the surrounding areas, as well as the regional market will saturate the food from local raw materials.

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