In the Amur region opened its first Far East High School Cossack

September 27, students only in the Far East Cossack vocational school, which opened on September 1 in the village Kostiantynivka Amur region, in keeping with tradition swore allegiance to the Motherland and the Russian Cossacks, and then out of the hands of the Amur Cossack chieftain received the attached certificate Cossack.

In high school, based in one of the most beautiful border villages, which lie along the Amur River, trained three platoons of the Cossacks. One of them — a girl’s. One-third of high school students — orphans.

In high school boys get a degree needed to work on the ground, the girls will learn how to farm. Reach lyceum students and military training, in order to subsequently join the ranks of those who guard the Russian-Chinese border.

Border unit, located in Raychikhinsk and Kostyantynivska border post took patronage over the lyceum. The border guards will hold classes on military discipline and training of cavalry on the basis of Nicholas training unit.

Check the left bank of the Amur River Trans-Baikal Cossacks began in 1857, even before the settlement of the border issue with China and the signing of the contract Aigun. In the course of alloy 1858 the bulk of immigrants to the territory of the Amur region were Cossacks and Chernyaevsky Poyarkovskoy summary hundred. Poyarkovskaya hundred kayaked in designated places around July 25, 1858, new style, in its composition, there were more than 100 families or 1,200 persons of both sexes, in every family of 8-10 people from infants to the elderly. Around four fifths total immigrants were settled in the future Konstantinovskaia village and the surrounding villages — Lowland and Sychevsky in Poyarkovo went 33 families (about 300 people).

Despite the fact that hundreds of summary called Poyarkovskoy, on arrival it was divided. Kostyantynivska village with the low-lying villages and sychevskoj was fourth hundred Amur Cavalry Regiment with its sotnia commander from 1859 to 1872 2nd hundred 2nd Cavalry Regiment Amur Amur Cossack Cavalry Brigade. In 1872 was introduced in the Cossack villages public administration headed by Ataman and 2nd squadron became part of the Village Poyarkovskogo District.

Due to population growth and the increase in the number of villages in the district Poyarkovskom in 1917 Kostiantynivka regained the status of village and district center. In the district entered villages: Kovrizhsky (founded in 1873), Kluchevskoy (1875), Novopetrovsky (1896), Gryaznushensky (1918), Novotroitskiy (1919), the population of which was formed due to evict the residents of most Konstantinovka, and disappeared in 1870 -ies. Lowland villages and Sychevskii. To a lesser extent, a further relocation of the Cossacks and the admission of a number of peasant families. In 1918-1920. Kostiantynivka retained its position of the center of the Cossack District and one of the bases of the struggle against Soviet power.


Kostyantynivska village was named in honor of the Grand Duke, General-Admiral of the Russian Navy Konstantin Nikolayevich (9 sent.1827, the 13-city yanv.1892) Konstantin was one of the few ladies of the reigning House of Romanov, who left an imprint on the history of the development of the Far East.


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