In the Amur River in the released sazanchikov

The other day in the Zeya River near the village of Krasnoyarova released 210,000 young carp. 

— Issue is made as compensation for damage to water biological resources of the Amur region gold mining organizations — explain the Amur ohotupravlenii. — While in previous years it was not clear what compensation funds are spent, it is now established procedure for calculating damages in physical quantities and the organization itself has to worry where to take fish-stocking material and to ensure, in accordance with the calculation.

Carp fry of gold miners gained in the "Far Eastern fish breeding complex" near Khabarovsk. Purchase cost in 3144 rubles. In the future, let youngsters to compensate for damage to water resources planned in other bodies of water area.

The whole procedure is controlled by the Commission on the implementation of state control organizations of all forms of ownership activities on artificial reproduction and acclimatization of aquatic biological resources. It includes representatives of the Federal Agency for Fisheries, FGBU "Amurrybvod" TINRO Center, as well as management for the protection of fauna of the Amur region.

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