In the Annunciation’s Altai region was built by the same farm for 300 dairy cows

An animal house built in the village Suvorovka, one of the strongest economies district — SEC "Suvorov". Built a farm just a month in the autumn of 2011, but the fit and finish have taken much more time and ended just now. Despite the challenging conditions of the past summer, severe drought, farmers found a way to finish the job.

For 3 years in the Annunciation region of Altai Krai new farms appeared in LLC "Telmansky" SEC "Lenkovsky" SPKK "Orleans". The construction of facilities in zhivotnovdcheskogo SEC "Dimitrov".


"Annunciation district — one of the leaders the "100 100" . The area we have set an example to others — look, they know how to work steppe, in such difficult conditions, they do not just survive, but live and develop, "- said the deputy head of the agriculture of the Altai Territory Michael Chmyrev . He also stressed that the means of state will have to enter the economy of the region.

"Pleased with feed troughs instead of tables, so nothing there will accumulate and rot. And if a normal diet, a new room, dry, light, and then the animals will be stronger. Accordingly, the higher their productivity, and even if healthy — cows and calves are healthy. However, in the SEC "Suvorov" mortality of young animals has never been seen, and you can be sure that will remain, and so on, "- said the head of the Agrarian Annunciation area Vladimir Vedyapin .


Who converted farm animals from other premises, the first batch delivered a few days ago. "When tried to milk the cows on the new farm, to be honest, were stunned. Not only is the new device itself did massage the udder, so he hung up and took off. We think — now fall! But no, thanks to a special rope of it did not, he just waited for the milkmaid suit and take it to the next cow. The farm itself — it’s nice to go, and we are pleased to room: has a home room for women, before one was ours, and cattlemen"- Said the operator of machine milking cows Irina Butakova .

The costs of 13 million rubles, according to the head of SEC "Suvorov" Sergei Voznyuk , will be repaid as follows: "Productivity of cows — the first one. In a bad year for milk Hope special. Second — the possibility of expanding dairy herd in the future. Today, of course, when the big problems with the feed, this will not speak, and then — let’s see. The third — saving fodder thanks Tied, on other farms it is mainly Loose. And, perhaps most importantly, the working conditions of people. If they are normal, then the person works better, then profits are higher — there is an opportunity to develop. "

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